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oh yeiiiiiiiis

May 30th, 2007 (10:43 pm)

AHAHAHA, the latest(?) scandal circulating involves Jin knocking up the female version of Tegoshi Yuya

(so it is old news, but it is the first time I saw her picture)

con repo will follow soon, I hope


August 12th, 2006 (09:39 pm)
current mood: traumatized
current song: NewS - Love Song

= NO

so apparently
Sumitani Masaki (Hard Gay) and Suzuki Anne are getting married

talk about news that slaps you in the face
the music that's playing right now is, ironically, "Love Song"

I don't know how she can look at him when she's done dramas with so many pretty JE boys T_T
maybe Hard Gay is heavenly beautiful under those glasses... 笑

→ shige's pretty cute in his new engimono♥♥
    so now I'm trying hard to find shige, kusano, massu and tego's engimono
    where they sit on a staircase and talk ero ero for 20 minutes
→ tego was in Canada last year. WUT. (It's Quebec, too. So close 'ロ')
    haha, everyone comes to Canada to promote their indie firms

jin+massu+(gackt)'s birthday party (LOLOLZ)

July 5th, 2006 (04:39 pm)

so July 4th was like
a bunch of people's birthday none of whom we even know personally *laughs*
and since that's the day M-CARたち (meikoちゃん, me, andyちゃん(??笑) + rikitちゃん) was at P-mall and J-town, we decided to pay those people a tribute

生日快樂 Jin+Massu (+gackt...+america...) & 'birthday party' (大笑)Collapse )

おたくtalk 'D'

June 19th, 2006 (12:14 am)
current song: WaT - 5センチ。

it finally feels like summer vacation to me, after I write my final exam, although I went to the wrong room in the beginning (again)!!
I now plan to utilize my summer time fully
by watching drama♥
(and of course, find a job <-- I wish I have a job where I watch drama 笑)

lately I've been turned into a big idolおたく (laughs)
reinforced by (initially a friend from uni), then mouse_sensei and rikit
although I think I begin to walk this path unknowningly when I started to like tenimyu
(the feeling for many of the actors faded, except the first seigaku cast + some rival school
I still really like 塩澤くん, although he's become very chubby now 8D)

long idol talk + downloads = for bored people 'A'~Collapse )

sorry if this appeared twice *_*

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